Posted by: Joan Brooks | July 10, 2012

Where is your magnificence?

I recently had the experience in a Rubenfeld Synergy workshop, Embodied Spirit, with Noel Wight and Joe Weldon, of rediscovering my magnificence once again. We were asked what dislodged or buried spirit of being did we want to re-embody. I instantly saw myself as this magnificent, shining being that I know I am, but that has been buried under layers of crap, mine and others. At first my magnificence was a small, glowing light in my solar plexus, partially hidden behind gray smoke.

Then we were asked, where do you want this spirit to reside in you? Now, that was a new concept! I could decide where my magnificence will be in my body? I knew that I wanted my magnificence to be IN MY BONES so that it could not be buried under crap or dislodged from my body again. I felt the spirit of my magnificence spread throughout my body and into the very marrow of my bones.  I felt alive and alert. My body lengthened into my full height as I took up all of my space. People in the workshop told me that I was glowing. I felt a reassurance and confidence that came from deep inside and wasn’t based on anything other than my right to walk the earth as the magnificent person I am. This is a birthright we all have! Lastly, we were instructed to ask our spirits what message they have for us. My spirit of magnificence told me, “I am strong so you have the strength to step out into the world!” I have been doing just that in a much bigger, bolder way since then.

Where is your magnificence? Has it been buried under layers of crap? Did it have to go into hiding so you could be even somewhat safe in your family? Was it actually dislodged from your body and perhaps is floating above or behind you?

Take a moment now to find your magnificence by slowing down and tuning into your body. Simply ask, where are you, magnificence? You may hear words, “I’m right here,” or see an image or feel a sensation in your body. Stay with whatever reveals itself to you. When you’re ready, ask your magnificence what message it has for you. Now, decide where you want your magnificence to live in your body. Vision/imagine your magnificence taking up residence exactly where you want it to be.

You can come back to that place in your body anytime you want to reconnect with your magnificence. Ask again and again what messages your magnificence has for you. I also suggest you write down the messages from your magnificence and place them where you can see them every day. These messages are some of the deepest wisdom your body has to offer.

One more thing: Notice over the next few days how connecting with your magnificence has made a difference in your life. Are you better able to say “no” when you want to? Is it easier to stand up for what you believe? Are you quicker to love or take a risk?

I’d love to hear the messages of your magnificence, how this has made a difference in your life, or any part of your experience. As always, share as little or as much as you’d like.

In the meantime, be good friends with your body and your magnificence!



Joan Brooks

Practitioner and Teacher of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method (RSM)

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  • Rick Lelchuk

    Hi Joan,

    It’s tough for me to identify a specific point in my body from which my magnificence emanates. I don’t get in touch with my emotions as well as I’d like. Been taught to stuff those “feeling.”

    If I had to take a guess my magnificence resides somewhere close to my third eye, behind my forehead. I just sense that’s the spot. It is overly protected though by my thoughts.

    Is there a lot to cover up my crap. Absolutely. And, as I examine it, it’s all my crap, no one elses. I think we hide behind ourselves to keep us from being our greatness. Silly, isn’t it?

    In Clarity > Focus > Passion,


    • Joan Brooks

      Rick, it’s actually sad that we’ve been taught to hide our magnificence and the fullness of who we are. I think a lot of us hide our magnificence behind our thoughts, as the rational mind is highly prized over emotions and authenticity in our Western society.We all do what we have to do to stay safe.
      I hope one day you meet your magnificence in his full glory, because somehow your magnificence is connected to your passion.
      Thank you so much for reading and responding to my post.

  • lovelife

    Dear Joan,

    Since we talked, I discovered that my magnificence is in my feet! I feel my feet are what create action in my life and what is necessary for everything i want for my life. Thank you for helping me to discover that. I have since decided to get a pedicure, foot reflexology and wear my toe ring that is buried in my jewelry drawer! Thank you for helping me to celebrate my magnificence!

    • Joan Brooks

      I’m so glad you found your magnificence. I know your feet will carry you far!

  • Nancy Matthews

    Hi Joan, thanks for this wonderful article that reminds us and shows us how to tap into our magnificence … this truly is the most important piece for us to remember. Just like Kung Fu Panda … inner peace brings all to us!

    • Joan Brooks

      Hi, Nancy, thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog. I haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda, and I do resonate with the idea of “inner peace brings all to us”, which means our magnificence is an important “piece” and “peace”. Warmly, Joan

  • Rita

    I LOVED your article!

    I could just feel and imagine
    what you were experiencing!

    I really appreciate the idea of magnificence spreading throughout one’s
    body, and I plan to use it

    on myself – as a meditation

    with my clients

    and for my friends.

    I think it is a technique everyone can use with whatever quality he/she currently needs strengthening, but I particularly like the expansiveness and power and uplift of the very word MAGNIFICENCE. And then to realize that we all have it – is very empowering.
    Thank you, Joan, for sharing the word with the world.Rita Waters

    • Joan Brooks

      Rita, thank you so much for your enthusiastic response to my article.Yes, there is something so empowering about knowing and claiming our magnificence. I’m glad you’re going to use this with your clients and yourself!
      Love, Joan

  • Sarah Steele

    Hi Joan, Great post. My magnificence is in my heart and the message was ‘go forth and be loved’. A very powerful exercise indeed. Thanks for introducing me to it. Sarah

    • Joan Brooks

      Hi, Sarah, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I love the message of your magnificence! That is a very powerful way to live.

      With warmest regards, Joan

  • John

    Joan, I really loved the point you made about wanting your magnificence to be “in your bones!” I find that it is one thing to intellectually understand my magnificence, but it takes feeling it in my bones to really, truly claim it! Thanks for the reminder, and magnificence will be my word for the week!

    • Joan Brooks

      John, thank you so much for your comment. Yes, having an intellectual concept of something is quite different than having a lived experience in the body. I’ll always opt for the latter.

      I like the idea of the word for the week. Mine is… inspiration. Reminding me to breathe and find my magnificence with each breath.

      With warmest regards,


  • Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers

    Amazing magnificence that resonates deeply and is love, trumping the hurts and obstacles we may encounter. It is the home we can rest in and the bones that hold our truths. Thanks Joan, for sharing your writing. I enjoyed it like a meditation this morning.

    • Joan Brooks

      Jo Ann, thank you so much for your comment. Yes, knowing our magnificence trumps hurts and obstacles, or at the very least we can hold ourselves close until the hurt subsides and the obstacles are cleared.

      I’m so glad you found value in my post. Please keep coming back.

      With warmest regards,


  • Mark Griffith

    what a splendid reminder…really, is there anything more intimate to us than our magnificence? That light inside of us that we came into the world with and that is entirely unique to us?
    I needed to read this, as I have been in a place of “forgetting” lately…
    And, so sensing where this light lives in me, I invited it out of dimness and into my eyes, heart, posture…
    one simple discovery – it just feels better! Thanks Joan…

    • admin

      Mark, I love your definition of our magnificence, “That light inside of us that we came into with world with and that is entirely unique to us!” Yes, our unique light that only we can shine to brighten the world and lighten the darkness.

      I’m so glad you brought your light out to shine on me and the rest of the world. We are so much better for it!



  • Joan

    Erica, our hidden places are just waiting for us to look for them. And you’re right, the listening touch of Rubenfeld Synergy does that in a very gentle, non-invasive way that creates safety and trust – two essential ingredients for healing.

    Thank you for your warm response,


  • Erica Goodstone


    The Rubenfeld Synergy work is so gentle yet it reaches deep inside to those hidden emotions we have buried and failed to look at. But our body reveals it to us. Through gentle touch, our body lets down its guard and we once again connect with those hidden places inside our mind and heart.

    Thanks for a lovely post.


    Dr. Erica