Welcome Home to Your Sacred Body

Tap Into Your Deepest Wisdom and Speak Your Truth Without Apology

Welcome Home to Your Sacred Body

Tap Into Your Deepest Wisdom and Speak Your Truth Without Apology

In this live Online Program

The Welcome Home to Your Sacred Body program is a 12-week, live online group program for people who have done a TON of inner work and yet sometimes still question themselves and their abilities, even though they’ve accumulated years of experience and expertise. For example, they sometimes lack self-confidence, have trouble standing up for themselves, don’t know who to trust, or can’t say no without feeling guilty.

This course is designed to help you to:

  • Find safety within your body so you can trust yourself and others; you’ll know who to trust and who not to trust

  • Know your body as your greatest resource so you so you can confidently stand up for yourself and speak your truth without apology

  • Be able to tap into the deepest wisdom of your body so you can finally bring your big vision to fruition and live with integrity and purpose

Note: This program starts in October 2022.

"Joan Brooks is one of the most extraordinary facilitators that I have ever experienced in my healing journey."

" I have had the incredible opportunity to work both with her in an individual and group setting and know first hand Joan's exquisite ability to get to the heart of the matter and explore it thoroughly and uniquely with each person through the language of the body. It’s an Art to witness and a true gift to experience."

I wholeheartedly trust Joan and recommend to all who want to get to the root of the wound to contact her. She will assist you in going deep while providing gentleness and safety in the process. I am eternally grateful for Joan's guidance in helping me tune in and listen to the messages of my sacred body."

Brackin, FL

Our Pathway to Success

As has been shown in research, strength comes from connection.
In a community of support and encouragement, we will journey through five steps.


Step 1. Create Safety and Trust

Create Safety and Trust -Together, we will build community and lay the foundation for deep and effective work. One way we’ll do that is by collectively making agreements to create a conscious culture of integrity, accountability, and trust.


Step 2. Prepare for the Deep Dive

Prepare the Waters of the Body for the Deep Dive - We will become aware of the conscious and unconscious issues living in the body and prepare to release them. One way we’ll become aware of the issues in the tissues is by listening to and dialoguing with the body as direct access to the issues and the wisdom of the body.


Step 3. Do the Deep Dive

Do The Deep Dive - We’ll do the deep dive into the sacred waters of the Body to clear out the shit, shame and blame that does not belong to us and to begin to find the buried treasure that lies there. One of the first things we’ll do in this step is become aware of what does not belong to us and ask the body the best way to clear it out.

Sacred Body Healing Heart

Step 4. Heal Trauma

Heal the Trauma - We will heal YOUR wounds and trauma so your body can be the sacred vessel of wisdom they inherently are, providing you with guidance and direction every step of the way. When the shit and shame of others is cleared out, then what’s left is our own wounding, our own trauma, and that is what needs to be healed. We can’t heal anybody else’s, we can only heal our own. 


Step 5. Step into Your Full Power

Step Into Your Full Power - Knowing your body as your greatest resource, and with a greater sense of confidence, courage, connection, and compassion, you will be able to take your rightful place in the world as you continue to manifest your vision. The final session will include a ritual so you will know that you are literally stepping into your full power.

In this program, you will receive
  • Twelve (12) 2-hour online Healing and Transformation in Community group zoom-sessions so you can, in a group of committed participants, clear out the shit, shame and blame, and step into your full power in weeks, instead of months or even years.

  • You Haven’t Missed a Thing recordings of all zoom sessions so you don’t have to fret if you can’t make a session

  • 15-minute Help is Just a Phone Call Away SOS calls, as needed, so we can calm your fears or boost your morale

  • We’re Stronger Together private Facebook group where, in this committed community, you can give and receive support, encouragement and accountability, and know you’re not alone.

Joan Brooks’ course "Welcome Home to Your Sacred Body" was a positive transformational experience.

“Through deepened somatic awareness techniques, I experienced and witnessed each group member honor their wounds and discover their unique inner strength and power. Thank you, Joan!” 

~ Paige P., Rochester, MI

“I am so glad I signed up for Welcome Home to Your Sacred Body. Joan is an amazing facilitator."

“She held the space for all of us during the healing sessions. The program helped me go deeper in my healing with my mom. It opened the space for more love and understanding for her. I am truly grateful for Joan and the program.”

~ Audrey Vaidya, Dallas, TX
Trauma and Healing Coach

Raving Review with Results

"A profound part of me, hidden until now, has been unlocked and set free. I can now step more fully into the powerful teacher, leader, and creative writer I know that I am."

~ Darlene Frank, San Francisco, Writing and Creativity Catalyst


The investment for Welcome Home to Your Sacred Body  is a deposit of $347, plus 2 monthly installments of $347,
or you can save over $140 and cover the complete investment of $897.


My Decisive Action bonus for those enrolling in the program within 48 hours is two (2) 45-minute 1:1 private zoom Deepen Into Your Body sessions with me, so you can  reap the benefits of listening to the healing wisdom of your body. This is a $500 value. These can be scheduled anytime between enrollment and 30 days after the end of the program.

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please schedule a 20-minute Discovery Call.

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