About Joan

Link picture In a former life, Joan Brooks, as an air traffic controller, safely guided airplanes full of passengers across the sky. Now, as a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, she guides her clients through difficult times in their lives: past limiting beliefs and behaviors, beyond habit to choice, and back home to their bodies, where they can fully access all they truly are. Through her own experience and training, Joan knows how to navigate and negotiate the path to healing and wholeness. Her purpose in life is to help people reclaim themselves in all their glory and magnificence so they can live the life they were meant to live. Joan helps her clients to be fully incarnated into their bodies – to be Spirit Embodied. To be fully present in your life, Joan believes you have to be fully present in your body.

While Joan has helped everyone from a college student discovering her life’s path to an elderly man finding peace and enjoyment in the final years of his life, her specialty is helping other holistic healers and practitioners become who they need to be so they can be completely successful and fulfill their purpose in life. For all her clients, her unique approach combines listening touch, humor, acceptance, and befriending the body, which results in increased ease and comfort in the client’s body and life.

Joan began this journey in 1997 when she met Ilana Rubenfeld, the creator of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method®. She knew from the start that she would become engaged in this profound modality. After 4 years of training, Joan became a certified Synergist. As a dedicated life-long learner, she also completed a 4-year Teaching Intern training program.

In addition to a private practice in Martinsburg, WV, Joan is on faculty at the Rubenfeld Synergy Training Institute. She brings the full body of her knowledge and wisdom to bear in teaching her students how to access the healing wisdom of their clients’ bodies. Joan also teaches graduate-level classes, including courses on attachment theory and methods for working with emotional material. All leave able to listen with their hands and touch with their words.

To contact Joan, please call (304) 261-1443 or email: joanbrooks@clearcalmandconfident.com